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It wasn’t my intention to write this one in English, but the first time I talked about Ainori, I had the surprise to learn through a comment and several emails I exchanged with Pauline, a devoted Ainori fan, that it was broadcasted in the States as well. So this is mainly for her, and anyone else who might be watching the show. In this week’s episode (the one aired in Japan, i.e. episode #276), two of the boys acted a bit strangely. Read all about it!

For the past several weeks, Kouji had been trying to express his feelings to Natchi, but couldn’t get to talk to her because she was hanging out with Arashi all the time. This gave rise to a weird situation, with Kouji following them around. Hey, Kouji, ever heard the expression [Two’s company, three’s a crowd]? The situation is actually a bit weirder than that, since the group now comprises four girls and three boys. Get the picture? Yep, Kouji is the loser, always left alone whenever the others couple up and start talking. I guess this made him feel lonely, and he might even have been wondering if it wasn’t a mistake to join the show at all. Now, although it’s pretty obvious that Natchi and Arashi like each other, this didn’t prevent Kouji to ask Natchi to go back to Japan with him, which is like committing suicide!!! Even all the other members are unanimous, he’s toast! I guess in the next episode, he’s gonna go back to Japan, alone. Maybe he had had enough of that loneliness, and instead of going through the humiliation of simply retiring, decided to declare is intentions to Natchi so she’d refuse, and save face. If I were him, I would have waited until the next members’ rotation, and try to find someone compatible.

Next, we have Hide, the most eligible bachelor in the group. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t seem to realize that fact, and is unaware of Omami’s feelings towards him. Just looking at Tanako’s face (one of the girls who’s after him) whenever he talks about Omami would be enough to convince anyone that there is obviously something going on. Weird, because it seems real clear to all the other members. He thinks Omami likes Suzan, which is preposterous! But then again, that’s always been his problem, and he actually missed the opportunity to go back to Japan with a real sweet girl a couple of months ago. He should wake up real quick, because he’s gonna miss on that one, too…

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2 Responses to “Ainori #276”

  1. Pauline Says:

    Ohh wow! It seems that Hide is not getting off the show for a very long time. He’s had alot of difficulties and problems with his love life. Especially with that 26 year old woman I supposedly thought he loved. Their 7 age difference at the time didn’t matter I suppose.

  2. Mihaela Says:

    Your blog is so interesting!
    I was looking for some information about Ainori aand so i came upon your site. Woow! you’re so lucky you can watch the show every week. I am living in Romania and we don’t have Fuji TV here. Actually i didn’t know anything about this show until june this year when one of its producers came to Romania for setting the places they would shoot. And they did, in July. I was with them for 2 weeks or so. It was really great!
    Now i would like to get an opportunity to watch the real show, since i can only check out everyweek the Fuji TV site, where they show some scenes (only jpg) and some comments. Altough i can get the idea of what’s happening in the show every week, i would still like to have the video (cause i like to hear them speaking japanese).
    Do you know any site where I could download a show or two?