Ainori #277

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This week’s Ainori was pretty crazy. Natchi gave back the ticket Kouji gave her, thereby refusing his offer to go back to Japan with him, explaining that she liked someone else. Everybody knew she was talking about Arashi, and the very same night, she gave Arashi a ticket, asking him to go back to Japan with her. The next morning, to everybody’s surprise, Arashi turned her down, telling her he wished he had had more time to deepen their relationship. The poor girl was totally crushed…

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3 Responses to “Ainori #277”

  1. Man Says:

    C’est la vie !

  2. kinki Says:

    i really wished nacchi could wait a bit more, until Arashi is sure of his feeling. i really felt sorry for Nacchi when she burst out crying…(-_-) it was a rush!

  3. Marcelo Says:

    Oh, wish I had discovered this blog to write a comment on the right time… oh, well. In my case, honestly, I laughed fiendishly when Nacchi got rejected. Oh, how she made poor Koji suffer, specially during the visit to the amusement park. And not only that… I still wonder WHAT THE HELL NACCHI SAW IN ARASHI!? He looks like… well, something out of this world most definively. I know Koji kinda intimidated Nacchi with his straightforward questions and comments… but in the end he proved he had a good heart and really liked Nacchi… unlike Arashi, the Spaceman. On top of that… Arashi’s so damn uninteresting!! Ainori could do without him and almost no one’d ever notice… except her momma… maybe. Now, Koji’s loss… that was felt by many, mostly female, of course, but I know some men were rooting for him, too. “Ugoite mo, ugoite mo, boro boro de…”, I will never forget Koji’s words and how he expressed them. Took me back for a moment to the time when I was younger and used to be rejected by women time after time, altough I tried my best in an honest, clean way.
    Well, at least Koji’s sotsugyo was honorable… unlike Nacchi’s. Although he had tears in his eyes, Koji said prodly he had no regrets whatsoever. Nacchi… well, she literally drowned in a sea of tears. Serves her right!! Ke, ke, ke. @_@