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BoA is a Korean singer very popular here in Japan. She doesn’t qualifiy as a Japanese babe, but she does qualify as a babe indeed. This is her in a commercial that’s been running for a while here in Japan. Dudes, in the second shot where she’s not smiling, she’s so pretty she almost gets me hypnotized!

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3 Responses to “BoA”

  1. New York Jihen Says:

    BoA is a cutie. I’m not too into her music. My personal favorite is Shiina Ringo.

  2. Sylvain Says:


    I never heard (or noticed) a BoA song before this CM. The BGM is her new single called “Sweet Impact”.

    Man, I love Shiina Ringo. Got everything she ever did in my iPod :-)

  3. New York Jihen Says:

    No way !!!

    I’ve been hoping for a U.S. tour, but I’m not going to hold my breath. If I’m ever fortunate enough to visit Japan, I would try to plan the trip so it would coincide with a concert.