Miki Andou’s Armpit a Hit?

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mikiarmpitnumber2.jpgAbout a year ago I wrote a post about Miki Andou, a Japanese figure skater who took part in the Turin Olympics with crappily shaved armpits. The strange thing is that post is the second most viewed one in my blog, and the only one of my top ten posts which is not about Ainori. Weird…

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5 Responses to “Miki Andou’s Armpit a Hit?”

  1. Tamanegi Says:

    I saw her performance live on screen (and also the winning one of Arakawa Shizuka – watch it on Youtube! First figure skating gold for Japan, and well-deserved!), but somehow I didn’t really pay attention to her armpits… whoever discovered this first must have a strange fetish ;-)

  2. Tamanegi Says:

    PS (Shizuka’s performance):

  3. Sylvain Says:


    I’m not the only one to have posted about Miki Andou’s armpit, and that is probably why she always shaves them perfectly now. But there was a time around last year when you would see that “shadow” whenever she was on TV, so it wasn’t really a “discovery”, but rather something annoying. So much so I had to write about it…

  4. Tamanegi Says:

    Really? Then I wonder only more why I didn’t hear about it until now. Last year I was really enthusiastic about figure skating. Even if I did see it on screen, I probably just didn’t care about it, I don’t mind women with a little hair.

  5. Sylvain Says:

    > Tamanegi

    I don’t mind a little hair, either. It just doesn’t seem to fit the image of an international event like the Olympics.