Big-ass bugs!

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Dude, this is one of the crazes now in Japan. Kids get bugs as pets, and not small ones. Sure, we’ve all played with bugs as kids, and I’ve experimented myself with ants and a glass magnifier more than once. But this, this is different. Behold the mighty Japanese rhinoceros beetle! Although I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole, my friends’ children seemed really happy to pose with it for me.

Even girls don’t mind!

Do I hear the theme from “Jaws”?

The trick is to hold it by the horn.

It’s a big-ass bug!

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11 Responses to “Big-ass bugs!”

  1. Alison Ashwell Says:

    Those beetles are amazing but i’m not sure i’d want one as a pet
    How do they stop them from getting away?

  2. Man Says:

    Au secours!

  3. Ragnarok Says:

    People also used to “breed and train” rhinocerous beetles to compete in minuature sumo-wrestling matches. I’m not sure how well training a bug goes, but people would bet on which bug could push the other off of a tree stump or out a circle first. There’s yer bug history lesson of the day^^.

  4. Lauren Says:

    …and I thought the bugs were big here in North Carolina!

  5. Helen Says:

    I don’t get it! Can it do tricks?

  6. Quentin Says:

    Interesting little craze. Not sure whether I really want to have a big bug as my pet though, ’cause my mum may think it’s a big nasty rodent instead! >_

  7. Fidget Says:

    i can hear my newphew screaming I want one I want one

  8. Sylvain Says:

    Thanx to all of those who posted comments.

    >Alison: Right, I was so absorbed taking pictures of the bug itself I completely forgot to add background info! That one is kept in a small insectarium about the size of a lunch box.

    >Helen: No tricks, they just keep it for fun, like having it crawl all over them. There’s also a video game around with “bug cards”, in which your “virtual” bug can accumulate points when it wins against another bug. I suspect that game might partly explain the popularity of the “real” bugs.

  9. angel_emt_2559 Says:

    Ewwww! I hate bugs! I think my kids would think of it as cool though.

  10. Horrible Martha Says:

    That is disgusting!

  11. kookimebux Says:

    Hello. And Bye. :)