Ainori #278

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Since Kouji and Natchi went back to Japan by themselves last week, the atmosphere has changed completely. A new male member, TK, has joined the group. Hide and Takano apparently were fighting again, because Takano didn’t like sleeping in a tent, and Hide was trying to make her understand the importance of trying a new environment. Takano thought he was trying to make a point against her, but I think he was trying to help her adapt to the circumstances. Later, they talked again, and their relationship seems to become somewhat deeper.


Love Wagon

Hide and Takano would probably be able to concentrate on their own relationship with Omami out of the picture, which might well be happening soon. Omami, who has been hospitalized for several weeks due to serious back problems, was told this week that she wouldn’t be able to keep traveling by car for a long time. Of course, she was shocked to hear that, and the idea of not being able to see Hide anymore made her plea for the producer to find an alternative to the famous pink “Love Wagon”, which is the trademark of the program. Yeah, right! What’s next? The pink version of the “Love Boat”?

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