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Well, well, I’m back after almost two months of silence, and ready to answer the legitimate question: “Dude, what the fuck happened to you?”. I appreciate the concern some of you have shown, I really do. The short answer is, I just didn’t feel like blogging. Wanna know more?

This long period of procrastination can be traced to a single factor: my school building is undergoing major structural modifications to make it more resistant to earthquakes, since here in Miyagi prefecture we are long overdue for “The Big Miyagi Earthquake”, which occurs every 25 years or so. The work had to be made during the summer vacation, and being too short to allow for completion of the work, it was extended to September 3rd, instead of sometime this week. As such, my school’s cultural festival, which usually takes place during the first weekend of September, had to be moved to the beginning of July, coinciding with the National Step by Step English Test, for which I coach students every night after school the week previous to the test. Preparing the school festival while coaching the students kept me pretty busy and the week right after the school festival, we had to start cleaning up and moving stuff from parts of the school where the construction work was to be made, in a more or less confused manner, while all the regular school activities going on, of course.

The first week of construction implied the removing of asbestos (the school was meeting asbestos level requirements, until this year when the standards got even more strict than ever), which meant I had an extra free week of vacation, for a rare total of a whole month, yeah! Now usually, the weather in Miyagi is unbelievably bad during the summer holidays, and I’ve seen years with no more than two or three sunny days during my vacation. This year, however, it was the opposite: it rained only two days for the past month, which meant we were either at the beach, at barbecues/parties or at festivals every day, so much so that (I can’t believe I’m saying this) we were actually glad when it rained because we could actually just rest. I simply wasn’t in the mood to sit in front of my computer and type while I could be outside enjoying my summer.

So there it is. I had the most wonderful summer vacation since I came to Japan, culminating with our climbing Mount Fuji yesterday. But all good things have to come to an end, and this morning, it was time to take off the earring, shave a bit and go to work. The good thing is classes won’t start until September, so I have the luxury to wear shorts and a t-shirt at school, not to mention plenty of time to write. I’m what, five or six Ainori summaries behind? Well, I got to watch them first (I’m not kidding, I even skipped watching Ainori for more than a month!), and then get to work…

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2 Responses to “MIA…”

  1. Kokobean Says:

    Hi Sylvain, it’s great to hear from u again! ^^ You got me all worried there, but then heard rumors about you gone off on a vacation, hope you had a good time ;) I envy you having to climb mount Fuji, I’ve been wanting to do that for ages! When you have time, post some pics up, ne ;) Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays~

    PS: Looking forward for your Ainori summaries~ but take your time ^^

  2. CM Says:

    Hey, glad you are back Sylvain, people were worried bc in the past while you were on vacation you would still drop a note here and there on your blog.

    Anyway, dont bother translating from the start of what you missed. I only recommend maybe doing it from #369 where the new crops of people joined or #368 where a lot of people left. They dragged out the Miyanee and Oga’s story over 4 or 5 episode and there were nothing interesting from the rest of the group. You would be essentially translating 1 paragraph of actual love story and 3 more on the history or tradition of the country they were in.