Moon Watching

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Tonight is the Mid-Autumn Festival, an event celebrated in many Asian countries and known as Tsukimi here in Japan. It is usually held on the full moon of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, and is an opportunity for Japanese people to show their gratitude for good harvests. Many Japanese people make an arrangement of wild autumn plants and flowers, and along with a plate of dango leave it on a window sill, from which the full moon is visible. Unfortunately, it is a tradition that is slowly disappearing, as parents tend not to teach it to their children…

Interestingly enough, the Japanese don’t see a “Man in the moon”, but rather a rabbit making mochi.

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3 Responses to “Moon Watching”

  1. Fredesk Says:

    j’allais te demander ce que c’est des dangos, pis je me suis dit, ca doit bien sur trouver sur internet… et j’ai trouvé même comment les faire !!

    Remarque j’ai pas lu ton blog en entier et tu en parles peut etre aussi.

    :o )

    et… hihihi… c’est sursé… ce truc de paypal pour pas avoir de pub… mais heu… :o )

  2. Fredesk Says:

    oups pas sursé mais bien rusé !!

  3. mio Says:

    中秋節 (賞月)
    うちは PIZZAたべましだ~