Ainori #279

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Ainori is a popular reality show in Japan, aired on Tuesday nights at 23:00.



This week the group is in Bahrain, a new country. They were asked to clean up a barn, and Takano, who usually has a strong aversion towards dirt, did her best and even picked up manure with her bare hands. This really impressed Hide, who gave her a ring. Omami finally came out of the hospital, and since she cannot ride in a car due to her medical condition, the group took the hard decision of abandoning the Pink Love Wagon and keep traveling on foot. But it wasn’t too long before Omami noticed the ring Takano was wearing, and realized something went on during her prolonged absence… Next week, Takano VS Omami!

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6 Responses to “Ainori #279”

  1. deadhippo Says:

    Bahrain is spelled incorrectly.

  2. Sylvain Says:

    >deadhippo: Thank you for pointing that out. I corrected it now. Regards,

  3. Mihaela Says:

    Your blog is so interesting!
    I was looking for some information about Ainori aand so i came upon your site. Woow! you’re so lucky you can watch the show every week. I am living in Romania and we don’t have Fuji TV here. Actually i didn’t know anything about this show until june this year when one of its producers came to Romania for setting the places they would shoot. And they did, in July. I was with them for 2 weeks or so. It was really great!
    Now i would like to get an opportunity to watch the real show, since i can only check out everyweek the Fuji TV site, where they show some scenes (only jpg) and some comments. Altough i can get the idea of what’s happening in the show every week, i would still like to have the video (cause i like to hear them speaking japanese).
    Do you know any site where I could download a show or two?

  4. zumzum Says:

    You’re in luck Mihaela, has the show.

  5. kinki Says:

    Sylvain, i cant thank you enough! really!!
    im from the U.A.E, my Japanese friend who was working in Abu Dhabi before and now back in Japan, sent me a Message in MSN telling me that he’s watching Ainori shooting somehwere close to where he lived, when he worked here! so i got really interested about this show after hearing from my friend!
    and then, weeks ago, i posted a thread at D-addicts asking if anyone can post Ainori or where i can get! i wasnt expecting much! but, Ruroshin, posted the recent Episodes, and then you came and posted your blog links! it was too good to be true! i will keep watching Ainori from now on, and reading your blog!

  6. Jamal Says: