Sayonara, Ainori…


I guess some of you have seen it coming for a while, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to write my weekly Ainori summaries anymore. I just posted my last Ainori summary (Ainori #375 & #376) since the rough draft was almost done anyway. It’s not that I’ve lost interest, on the contrary, but I simply don’t have the time to concentrate on this on a weekly basis. Work at school and an increase in private lessons are partly responsible, but there are personal reasons, too. Of course, I’m always busy studying kanji and vocabulary to take the Japanese Proficiency Test Level 2, but for the past few weeks, my wife and I have been exercising for at least an hour everyday, something we vowed to continue until we are old and gray. We’ve also been busy preparing for our next trip to Vietnam in December. Last but not least, we finally made the decision to stay in Japan indefinitely, so we started thinking about buying a house, something notoriously difficult and time-consuming for foreigners in Japan.

It’s been a fun ride (no pun intended), and I’d like to thank all the Ainori fans who supported me during the past 2 years by reading my summaries, and posting comments. I really appreciate it. 長い間、大変お世話になりました。m(_ _)m I will still post on MY BLOG intermittently, and I hope some of you will keep coming once in a while. Sayonara, Ainori…

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15 Responses to “Sayonara, Ainori…”

  1. new york jihen Says:

    Thanks for everything, Sylvain!

  2. Ayumi Says:

    Thanks, Sylvain!!

  3. Kiwi Al Says:

    Thanks Sylvain! I’ll miss all you ainori blogs but I understand! Good luck with the Level 2 test, I’m planning on doing it next year, this year I’m just not there yet.

    I’m sure you will do fine based on how well you seemed to understand Ainori.

    Also good luck with your house buying and everything!

  4. Sylvain Says:

    Thanks for the comments, everybody.

    >Kiwi Al

    Actually, I’m studying to take it next year, too. You can cram all that info in a few months and spit it out, but there won’t be much left after the test. Slowly, but surely…

  5. Fred Says:

    Thanks Sylvain,

    I understand it was a lot of work to write about Ainori. I just hope I can find another source as good as this one!

  6. Charmaine Says:

    Thanks for the summaries, I’ll miss your ainori summaries and commentary it was nice while it lasted:[

  7. umi Says:

    booOoo ; (

  8. Helena Says:

    I’m sad :( I’ll miss your entries about ainori. Thanks for all the chapters you commented, they were fun to read. And good luck with the 2kyuu. I also want to take but i don’t wanna study, hehe.

  9. Tric Says:

    Thanks for the ride Sylvain. [pun intended] We will all miss the work you did and i support your decision. My hat’s off to you. ;)

  10. Floyd Says:

    You shoulf be fien with the level 2 test since you uinderstand Ainori so well. I passed level 2 about 5 years ago. Never got around to taking one. too much BS grammar/kanji/vocab that ppl dont use. Level 2 is useful stuff!

  11. Dave Says:

    Hi Sylvian…

    I saw your post on jref, and checked this blog out… I have been searching for Ainori stuff for a while, especially with news in English… I had finaly found your blog… but now I am reading that you have stopped.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best with your Japanese, your trip to Vietnam, and with being a HRT :D YOU ROCK haha.


  12. megumi Says:

    &, I’m sorry that I’m late with this but..

    Thank you for all the summaries of Ainori & for being a great person to talk to. Do you remember we used to write e-mails, and you even commented my Xanga page? ahaha. That was a looong time ago! But I’m glad I came to this site. Not only for the summaries but to meet you and other great Ainori fans. :)

    I will try to visit your blog whenever I can.
    but I just wanted to say, good luck with work, exercising & finding a home!
    best wishes for you & your wife. You both deserve to be happy!

  13. benson Says:

    Can you provide me the homepage for downloading ainori??
    thank you very much!!!
    because the program is my true love!!!>”

  14. benson Says:

    because the program is my true love!!!>”

  15. melichan Says:

    Thank you, Sylvain!! Merci Beaucoup!! I always enjoyed coming to your website after watching Ainori. I especially enjoyed your explanations and insight into Japanese culture. Good luck with everything in the future!