Homeroom teacher? Well, almost…

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So yesterday, the teacher in charge of the third year (i.e. my boss) comes to my desk and tells me I have to go with him to the principal’s office immediately, which kinda made me feel like I was a kid again. On our way, he tells me he has a request, but that he can’t tell me until we’re in the office. When we walk in, I find the principal, the vice-principal, the head of the office, the head of Schools Affairs and her assistant are already there. Unusually enough, instead of sitting on one of the two sofas facing each other as I usually would, they ask me to sit on a chair at one end of the table, directly across from the principal. I’m thinking to myself:”Boy, what the hell did I do!?”, as the principal starts explaining one of the 3rd year homeroom teachers has to take sick leave at least until the end of the year, and that they would like me to take over until then. By then I’m thinking more like: “Boy, what the hell am I gonna do!?”, but seeing this as an opportunity to learn even more about the way things are done around here, I agree. Ok, I’m not really a full-fledged homeroom teacher, since I would need a Japanese licence to have the legal right to write the school register (students’ personal files), and even if I did, the time it would take me to do so would make it physically impossible, as these are all hand-written. Nonetheless, I have to go to homeroom twice a day, make sure the students are behaving, and of course, my seal has a lot more weight now, as I have to stamp all of my students’ official papers (already had to use it 3 times today). Yep, it’s a whole new ball game…

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One Response to “Homeroom teacher? Well, almost…”

  1. Tamanegi Says:

    I guess it has a lot to say when you are offered a position as a substitute homeroom teacher. Congratulations! :)

    What kind of information is written in student files except grades and misbehaviour? Come to think of it, I never saw mine… well at least I *think* it was clean… ^_^;