Goodbye, George…

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Well, that came as a shock. George was definitely my favorite stand-up comedian, and he’s actually the only non-music artist in my iPod, which says a lot. George made people think and laugh at the same time, something that is not easy to do. I’d like to thank George for all the good laughs he gave so many of us, and a special thanks to my buddy Stéphane Vigeant, who made me listen to George Carlin for the first time about 20 years ago. Goodbye George, and may the forces of evil get confused on the way to wherever you’re going…

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6 Responses to “Goodbye, George…”

  1. Emma Says:

    He was a rebel with cause. Cause to make us laugh first and think a bit later. My favorite bit was “stuff and s**t”. I also laughed alot at the thought that Joe Pesi being more reliable than, you know.
    Toward the end it became a bit laboring to watch his stuff, since he seemed to take things more seriously than before, but still he made a lot of sense.

    He will be missed by many including myself.

  2. Vigeant Says:

    Sad day indeed. But to brighten it up, some more worthy artists for you:

    Bill Hicks (unfortunately, passed away as well)

    Patton Oswalt (fortunately, alive still)

  3. Vigeant Says:

    Oops, here is the corrected Bill Hicks link

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  5. Starr Hendon Says:

    George Carlin was my introduction to comedians in the early 70s. He was absolutely brilliant! He will be missed here, but the way I figure it is that Heaven is a funnier place with George’s presence.

  6. トロント Says: