Our 10th Anniversary

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On Monday we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. Quite a milestone in view of the high divorce rate worldwide, and still going strong. We had dinner in a very nice sushi restaurant. It was expensive, but worth it. Love you honey! You can see more pics of our evening on Man’s blog.

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12 Responses to “Our 10th Anniversary”

  1. Fred Says:

    Dear MR & Mrs Sylvain Bouchard,
    Congratulations to your Anniversary! Wishing you more good years.

    Your Blog is Cool; can you let me know where you get the transaltion button on your blog. I’ld like to do the same for my site.

    Thank you.

    Frederick, Singapore

  2. Johnna Says:

    Congrats! Love the title of the blog!


  3. 趣味 Says:


  4. Julie Says:

    Bonjour Sylvain,

    Mon mari s’appelle Sylvain Bouchard. Nous ca fera 14 and en Mai. Alors félécitation a vous deux de Montreal Quebec

  5. Joss Says:

    salut Sylvain

    félicitation les femmes vietnamienne non rien a enviez au femme japonaises! j’ai eu deux petite copines japonaises et jamais de vietnamienne!la distance ce n,est pas bon pour les couples! je suis toujours en contact avec ma grande amies de Hokaido! je doit la visité en 2009, mais nous somme que des grands amies, j’espère bien me trouvé une autre petite amies toujours entre 28 et 38 ans :)

    ps:en passant Je suis de Québec et félicitation pour tes 10 ans de mariage. ecrit moi quand tu pourra

  6. syuyan Says:


  7. Alston Says:

    Congrats on your anniversary! That was a really nice photo. =)

  8. african diva Says:

    YOu guys look so good together!!!!

  9. かずゆき Says:



  10. Bob-K Says:

    Hi Sylvain,
    A Very Happy 11 th Anniversary (for 2009) to you both. Sorry I missed your 10 th in 2008. Located you through Blogclicker and found your site most interesting. Great Title – and a stimulating read. Best wishes, Bob

  11. Koshi Says:

    Hi, Sylvain and Manchan.
    How are you? And do you keep good trip?
    We are fine and we received your a post card from Vancouver, thank you.
    You are very happy. You are getting some good memories and good sunshine every day, right?
    So Japan, it dose not over rainy season yet, of cause Sendai too. Yamase keeps here every time. We are pining for sunshine right.
    But we practiced at barbecue first time in this year in my garden at last Friday it is to say that we wait to your come back to Sendai too early.
    We will send mail late again.
    Keep a good trip with care.
    2nd of August 09
    Sendai Koshi & Keiko

  12. Kelly Says:

    Such a lovely couple! I wish many more years of happiness together!