Monkey Business?

Monkey Business?

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  1. tomson Says:


  2. chimeara Says:

    Hi There! im a newbie in this blogging stuff and it’s cool. You have a nice article.:)

  3. Robert Shay Says:

    I wanted to complement you on how well you have put your site together. Though I couldn’t find any recent posts. I hope that is a temporary thing and you will be back posting soon. I have a blog site for helping English learners in Japan. I would like to use some of your Funny English on my blog if it is Ok with you. Please write me and let me know your wishes on this subject. Thanks.

  4. Els Says:

    The site is nice but no offense, the auto playing video is kind of a turn off.

  5. Connie S Owens Says:

    This is fun, a monkey that waits on people, that lends to the truth to a monkey can do this job. Eh? Got anything new?

  6. アラスカグレーシャルマッド Says:

    It’s OK.

  7. Koshi Says:

    Hi, Sylvain and Manchan.
    How are you? And do you keep good trip?
    We are fine and we received your a post card from Vancouver, thank you.
    You are very happy. You are getting some good memories and good sunshine every day, right?
    So Japan, it dose not over rainy season yet, of cause Sendai too. Yamase keeps here every time. We are pining for sunshine right.
    But we practiced at barbecue first time in this year in my garden at last Friday it is to say that we wait to your come back to Sendai too early.
    We will send mail late again.
    Keep a good trip with care.
    2nd of August 09
    Sendai Koshi & Keiko

  8. John Tanner Says:

    Nice video clip.

    I was over in Thailand last month and went to visit a Temple near Hua Hin.

    When I went to the visitors shop, there was Budah a monkey and a rackoon in there.

    I did take a video, must post it to YouTube.

    I love asia.

    Take care

  9. ワーキングホリデー オーストラリア Says: