Ainori #281

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やだ!?!?えっ?五年前からあいのりを見てるんだけど、そういう答えは今まで一度でもなかった気がするんだよね。マジびっくりした!それから何回も無言は続いて、スーザンの「ぶ」と言って、テープもなくなったらなんか激しい感情の中でコメディーのようなAinori #281は本当に面白かった。シツコイミカリンが一生懸命戦って、確かにスーザンが困ってたけど、よく考えてみればスーザンが失敗したんじゃないかと。。。だって、「やだ」とか言われてもいいんだけど、1時間36分経ったら自分で納得いくらできなくても一つだけ気づいて欲しかったなぁ。ミカリンみたいにそんなに好きになってくれる人が一生二度と出会わないかもしれない。。。








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8 Responses to “Ainori #281”

  1. kinki Says:

    hmmm….actually, guys would find what Mikarin did was funny or annoying..but for me, as a woman, i think she did very well…i really cried for her when i watched this episode. i wished they would end up together even though at the previous episode suzan already gave us his answer. usualy, the participants would end it when they are rejected, im sure some of them thought later, if they did better in their final confrontations, it might’ve worked. i think mikarin wont have regrets now, she give it her all!
    now, regarding next episode, i really hope Omami will win Hide! Omami is such a sweet girl. while Takano is a bit wicked…hmmm lets see what will happen next!

  2. Marcelo Says:

    Hoho, some people DO watch anori in countries like El Salvador. Well, at least I know I do, faithfully.
    And… I don’t really hate Takano, but… she seems a bit of an airhead to me… and treacherous too. I mean, to say: “I’d like her to quit”, man, that may be honest… but mean and treacherous as well, no doubt about it. Unlike Omami, the yuutousei… besides, let’s face it. Crybaby or not… she’s sweetness personified. I love her, period.
    I don’t want Takano to be hurt… but… Omami just has to do what Nao couldn’t. Nao, by the way, was a kawaii ko too. ^_^

  3. Sylvain Says:

    Everybody is taking for Omami, it seems. But Hide is so stupid sometimes, he’ll probably screw it up with both Takano and Omami, as he did with Nao…

  4. Emily Says:

    Keep making those special treats…the Ainori downloads don’t work for me so it’s nice to read…Keep up the awesome work. Peace.

  5. kinki Says:

    hmm? who is Noa? did she like Hide? aa—h i feel so left out coz i didnt watch any Ainori before vol 276. (-_-)>
    well, does anyone know where can i get any English link of Ainori of the previous volums?

  6. Sylvain Says:


    I’m not sure if other volumes are available. You’d have to check with either D-Addicts or Sayaman. I don(t know much about the Ainori BT files, since I watch the original broadcasting here in Japan. Oh, BTW, “Nao” was a mistake. Marcelo meant, “Kayo”.



  7. lightman Says:

    What strike me most in the last episodes is that the guys seems a bit treachous, Arashi always hanged with Natchi but he dumped her to everybody’s surprise when she made her come out, as for Mikarin she
    had good reason to think Susan was found of her, and the reason why
    it took so long is that Susan trying to sweet talk his way out in a “I don’t want to hurt you” way, I feel like a lot of guys are not there to find love but for the
    free ride, I would not be surprised that Hide reject both Takano and Omami, he’s pretty clueless !


  8. Sylvain Says:

    You know what, the idea that some of the guys, especially Hide (9th country? Hello-o?), are there just to get a free ride across the world crossed my mind quite a few times, actually. But then again, maybe they’re just friendly hanging out with the girls, and their intentions are misinterpreted. I mean, it’s not like they’re not supposed to talk or hang out with girls they have no intention to go back with. As for Hide, I think he too nice to everybody, and that’s why the girls got to think he might have an eye on them. But I definitely agree with you: He’s clueless!