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One of the best parts of being in Japan is the food. I work and I study hard, so when the weekend comes it’s time to hit the restaurants and have a good time. My favorite concept is definitely the Japanese Izakaya, a kind of restaurant / bar which serves a large range of dishes, and where all kinds of drinks are available too, often as part of a “nomihoudai”, i.e. all you can drink for a set price. Of course, there are also other types of restaurants I go to, as they are literally countless in all Japanese cities. This page is meant as a kind of mini guide for people who come to Sendai looking for a good spot, and as a means to introduce the essence of Japanese nightlife to the rest of you who still haven’t had the chance to visit the wonderful country of the rising glass, eerrr, sun. Kanpai! (“Cheers” in Japanese)

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