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The manager

Name: 焼助(yaki suke)
Type: Izakaya specializing in skewers and grilled beef tongue.
Place: Inarikouji, between Jouzenji Doori and Hirose Doori. (Map here)
Nomihoudai (all you can drink): Yes. 90 minutes for 980 yen.
Food:★★★★★ (Everything was really good!)
Prices:★★★★☆(6050 yen for two for everything you see here AND the nomihoudai)
Date: 2006-07-29 (Sat)

Grilled salmon. I forgot the price…

Chicken leg and gizzard skewers

Chicken meat ball skewer

Chicken liver skewer

Asparagus wrapped in bacon and shiitake skewers

Zaru tofu

Assorted Japanese pickles

Caesar salad topped with bacon, cheese and nuts

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