Itfs all about me! What did you expect with a blog, and a domain in my name? Ok, so Ifm vain, who cares? Isnft that what blogging is all about? Why else would anyone write an online diary, i.e. spill their guts on the most possible public place, the Internet? I think blogging is a form of exhibitionism, and people who read strangersf blogs are, by extension, voyeurs. This site was originally created for my friends and family, just to let them know what Ifm up to. If you donft know me, but for some unfathomable reason are still drawn to peeping into my poor excuse for a life, be my guest.


Name: Sylvain Bouchard


Age: 39


Nationality: Earth (but who cares, really?)


Religion: None. I think that IF there is a God, it is a concept impossible to grasp with the human mind. That being said, it doesnft exclude spirituality from my life, nor freedom of choice for the people around me.


Sign: Sagittarius, Snake (Not that I believe in that stuff, but some people just wanna know...)


Blood Type: A


Functional languages, in order of fluency: French, English, Japanese.


Non-functional languages, in order of (non) fluency: Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese.




Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.



Learning basic stuff to go through life, such as walking, talking, reading, writing, clicking, drinking, bitching, etc.



Co-manager for Groovy Aardvark, a semi-professional band in Montreal. Plenty of odd jobs.



B.A. with major in East-Asian Studies (Université de Montréal).



Bed with major in TESL (McGill University).


Marriage with my wonderful wife, Man (Not gmanh as in gdudeh, Man is her first name), born in Hochiminh, Vietnam.



Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme: Assistant Language Teacher in Kogota, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.


Private Senior High School in Sendai, Miyagi. Assistant Language Teacher. Promoted to full-time lecturer and assistant homeroom teacher in 2003.


M.A. in Applied Linguistics (University of New-England, Australia).


Interests and hobbies (NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT ORDER):

Foreign languages and cultures, computers and technology, the internet, Eastern philosophy, meditation, traveling, partying, movies, music (mainly but not limited to rock and most of its subcategories), playing bass and guitar, SF, astronomy, exobiology, foreign women (especially Asian), sex, beaches, body boarding, hiking, camping, hacky sack (a.k.a footbag), fitness, nutrition, anthropology, blogging.


Aspirations, dreams, whatever (NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT ORDER):

Finishing my M.A. while working like a mad man. Becoming a university teacher in Japan. Doing a PhD in intercultural communication. Achieving literacy and better fluency in Japanese. Going to China and achieve fluency and literacy in Mandarin Chinese, and master (well, letfs say glearn moreh) Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong. Visiting as many countries as I can. Meeting and partying with extraterrestrial life forms, although I would settle with just going to space.



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