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あいのり A beautiful country woven by history and tradition, Hungary is the hidden gem of Europe.
On that day, the place where the group had arrived to was...


Budapest, the capital.

Suuzan「Wow, awesome! Ah!Like, these old buildings are awesome」
Mie「That's right」

What colored that city which has prospered as the capital since the kingdom eras, were the many old historical buildings. Then...

Izumi「It's huge」
Suuzan「It also connects to Romania, doesn't it?」

What was flowing through the center of the city was the Danube river.
This wide river stretching across 10 countries in Europe displays the highest beauty in the artistic city of Budapest, and that scenery has been designed as World Cultural Heritage. Then...

Georgie「For young people like you...」

The group, who was traveling affording only the bare necessities, had Georgie show them what was to him an off, cheap inn.

Suuzan「2000 forint?Yeah, GOOD!」
Mie「That's cheap, that's cheap」

Surprisingly, it was 1500 yen (about 13 USD) a night per person. Even for cheap inns which are 5~6000 yen (43-52 USD) on the Hungarian market, it was an extremely good bargain!Actually, that place was a university student dormitory. It is a good but unknown spot where anyone can stay if there are rooms available.

「Awesome. It's really student-like」

The toilets and showers were shared, but the rooms were very clean.

あいのり Later, Mie and Suuzan were seen in the dormitory's garden.
Suuzan「This is your fourth country, right?」
Mie「Yeah, it's been such a long trip」
Suuzan「It is a long trip」
Mie「Ha, ha, ha, not at all」
Suuzan「Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha」
Mie「Mine is only half of yours, you know」
Suuzan「Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha」

Mie, who was attracted to Suuzan, couldn't quite shrink the distance between them.

Mie「Like, I've been wearing these shoes since I got on Ainori, and now there's holes in them」
Suuzan「Wow, that's real bad」
Mie「Ah ha, ha, ha, ha」
Suuzan「Ha, ha ,ha」
Mie「That's why my feet are cold. I'll throw them out when I go home for sure」
Suuzan「If you fix them with some glue they'll be fine. It would be such a waste」
Mie「Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha. I'll give them to you」
Suuzan「If their size is right I'll take them」

あいのり That afternoon, the six of them , who had gone shopping at a supermarket, had decided to make sandwiches in the dormitory's shared kitchen.

Mie「It's huge」
Suuzan「Ha, ha, ha, ha」
Mie「It's ok」


「Do you mind if I use this spot?」
Mie「Aah, go ahead」
Suuzan「Go ahead」
Andie「I'm an English teacher」
Suuzan「Ooh, English teacher?[sic]」
Mie「You're an English teacher?」

During her lone journey, she had stopped to use this student dormitory. Then, Suuzan, who was showing interest, said:

Suuzan「Please・・・ Eeerrr, teach me English」(Note: In Japanese, asking someone to teach you something is a way to show friendliness. He didn't necessarily mean it literally)

Suuzan「What your name?[sic]」
SuuzanAndie. Nice to meet you 」
Andie「 What's yours?」
Andie「Ah・・・ I speak a little Japanese」(In Japanese)
Andie「But I'm a beginner」
Male members「Ooh」
Andie「Now, what do you do in Japan?」
Suuzan「Job?Aah, Arbeiter[sic]」(Japanese-German expression meaning "part-timer", usually thought to be English)
Suuzan「Aaah, yeah, right, waiter. Why not? How about you, Mie?」
Mie「Official lady [sic]」(In Japanese the expression "office lady", a.k.a. OL, is used to mean "office worker")
Suuzan「Official lady」
Suuzan「Official lady」

More over...

Suuzan「Do you have boyfriend?[sic]」
Andie「No boyfriend」
Andie「Aah, yes」

あいのり And at last...

Suuzan「If you... Eerr... If you have time, come with me!」

Surprisingly, Suuzan, was trying to pick her up!

Alec「The fact is we're missing a girl」
Suuzan「Yeah, let her in. Eerr, traveling on the bus. Sightseeing. Sightseeing [sic]」
Alec「We are traveling in Hungary」
Mie「But if you become a couple, it means you'll stay in Hungary」
Suuzan「I'll take her home to Japan」
Mie「You're trying to pick her up!」
Andie「What kind of a group are you?」

Andie was puzzled by that invitation, not knowing anything about the situation. Then the staff said:

Staff「If she says yes, and if the group agrees she can get in」
Mie「You're picking her up, you're picking her up」
Suuzan「Don't get into this!」
Alec「Join our group」
Suuzan「Why don't you・・・ Why don't you come with us?」

After Andie had heard what the trip was all about...

Andie「No problem !」
Andie「Let's go. Let's go together」

As such, a temporary member had been recruited on the spot!
Andie, 23, is a Hungarian English teacher.
For three days only during her holiday, it had been decided that she would travel together with the group.

あいのり That afternoon, the place the seven of them had come to was...

Mie「Wow!Like, that's awesome」
Izumi「Awesome!Awesome!It must feel really great!」

Szecheniy hot spring. With a huge open-air bath in a palace-like building, it's a very gorgeous hot spring.
Actually, Hungary is a country worldwide famous for hot springs.

In olden times, since the Roman era there have been Turkish and medieval style pools and Jacuzzis, and abundant variations like renovated internal devices. For all that, the water contains more minerals and has more properties than in Japanese hot springs.

Hungary is just a world class hot spring heaven.

At once, the group went to the front desk.

Suuzan「7 people」
Andie「7 people」
Mie「About 9000 yen (about 78 USD)
Suuzan「9000 yen?」
Mie「That's expensive!Yeah, expensive」

The bathing fee for one person was 1300 yen (about 11 USD), which was rather expensive. However...

Andie「If we leave within four hours we'll get some money back」
Suuzan「If we leave within four hour, we'll get some money back」

In many Hungarian hot springs, depending on how long you bathe you get some money back!
In this one, if you leave within four hours you get 500 yen (about 4 USD) back.

あいのり Then...


On that day, Izumi, the professional Mahjong player, and Andie were seen for the first time wearing swimsuits.

Outlaw「I'm drooling starring at them」


Alec「Great, great」

Alec was watching Izumi for the first time in her bathing suit, eating her with his eyes.
Alec, the unadventurous Italiano, had fallen in love with a game idol who was right in front of him.

あいのり The group was going towards the outdoor bath.Then...

AlecIzumi, how about going together?」

Alec had invited Izumi.

Alec「Aaaa~h, great, great. Aaah, great」
Izumi「How lucky」
Alec「Aaaah, aaah, great. Aaah, great」
Izumi「Like, say something else」
Alec「Ha, ha, ok」
Izumi「Are you having fun (on Ainori)?」
Alec「Ha, Havi~ng・・・ fun・・・ I'm trying to have fun」
Izumi「I was quite happy, you know, when I saw there was someone who could talk about Mahjong」
Alec「I knew you already, but didn't you have your hair tied up like this before?」
Izumi「Yeah, I did. That was my 「MahJong Fight Club」 picture」
Alec「Yeah, yeah, yeah」
Izumi「『#3』, too, right?」
Alec「3!3!I thought, that・・・ That face・・・ I know it」
Izumi「Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha」
Alec「He, he ,he, he, he」
Izumi「When I was 『#3』, I had my hair tied up」
Alec「Yeah, that's right」


Alec「There a part of me that's a little nervous. I mean, it's you, you know」
Izumi「Don't worry about it, at all・・・」
Alec「But like・・・ Like, it feels like I'm looking up at you from below. I'm a bit uneasy・・・ that feeling when I'm looking at you. I feel like, aah, it's "her"♥」

On that day in Alec's diary:“As I thought, Izumi is famous. Frankly, I'm really nervous. I wonder if I can get her to hang out with me”

あいのり The Love Bus was driving in Budapest, the capital. In the Bus, Outlaw and Suuzan had started talking. Outlaw was the host-dentist who came from Kabuchiko, Shinjuku.

OutlawSuuzan, what are your future plans?」
Suuzan「I wanna push forward towards things I wanna do」
Outlaw「In life there's full of unpleasant things, right? Life is 95% made of unpleasant things, you know」
Suuzan「I don't think so!Just riding a bicycle is fun. You get on your bike, and if by chance you come across someone else wearing the same jumper, there's nothing funnier than that, That's unthinkable to you, right?」
Outlaw「Ooh, I don't know what you're talking about」
Suuzan「Ok, what do you do for fun?」
Outlaw「I wear nice clothes, I dress up, I get under the spotlight, it's much more fun to be living richly」
Mie「When you're on Ainori, you know, it doesn't make a difference, right?I'm not sure, but in the eyes of cold adults watching Ainori, I think that maybe there's a lot of people who think this is a stupid program」
Outlaw「You got that right」
Outlaw「Ainori has this strong image of being fake」
Mie「What?It's nothing like that」
Suuzan「I don't think that's right」
Outlaw「Like, if there's even a little problem between friends, do you seriously seek advice and worry about it? It doesn't make a difference!!」

あいのり That night, the seven of them had gone to a restaurant.

Suuzan「What should we order?」
Andie「How about palinka?Palinka is famous・・・」
Suuzan「Ah, ok, let's order that」

Andie had recommended ordering alcohol. Then...

Mie「That's interesting, isn't it?」

What was brought were glasses attached to a long and thin board.
In those glasses was poured Hungary's shouchu called palinka, which has 40 degree of alcohol.
In Hungary, as a tribute to cement friendship, instead of greetings everybody drinks simultaneously.

Mie「Let's do it!」

Next, upon asking Andie to recommend Hungarian food.

SuuzanFoie gras?」
Mie「I've never had it」
Andie「Quack, quack, quack, quack」

Foie gras is goose or duck liver. In Japan, it has a strong image of French cuisine, but actually it is a Hungarian specialty. Surprisingly, they could easily eat it for one tenth of the price in Japan.

Suuzan「Even for one tenth of the price it's still 1000 yen (about 9 USD), you know. For a 1000 yen we'll get a big piece so let's order two」

The group ordered two pieces of foie gras. One serving was an ample 200 grams. It was enough hearty food to satisfy their taste for foie gras

Izumi「Let's eat」

On a trip during which they could afford only the bare necessities, the group was eating high class food they could rarely have.

Alec「It's good, but I wouldn't put it on my top three food list, you know」
Suuzan「I wouldn't either!」
Outlaw「You're wrong!Think of it as one of the world's top three delicacies and try and eat it」
Izumi「There's no difference!」
Outlaw「It's full-bodied and delicately seasoned」
SuuzanNattou is definitely better!」
Outlaw「It's good!It's one of the top three, you know!In the world!In the world!In the world!In the world!」
Suuzan「Mixing nattou and Szechwan pickles is definitely better」
Tagamikun「Nattou, OK!OK!」
Suuzan「Nattou is definitely better!」
Izumi「Absolutely, going to McDonalds is better, you know」
Outlaw「I was asked "Why"?」

Then, Suuzan said:

Suuzan「Foie gras, in Japan not famous [sic]」
Andie「Oh!It's not known, right?」
Suuzan「Nattou is more famous」
Mie「Hey, this is not an English conversation school」

From Suuzan's diary:“Andie was brought up in an environment completely different from mine. I'm really interested in what she might be thinking. I wanna talk with Andie much more”

Suuzan seemed to enjoy talking with Andie. At that point, Mie said:

MieSuuzan!Let's talk about something everybody can talk about!」
Suuzan「Ok, blood types. Eerr... bread type [sic]」

Suuzan's unexpected behavior was starting to raise Mie's worries.

あいのり The next day...

Andie「Let's go」

The place where the group had been taken to by Andie was...

Mie「Ooooh!It's a circus, definitely. Ooooh!」

It was the National Circus School. It's a famous school from which came many of the Cirque Du Soleil's entertainers. At once, the group too decided to try this challenge.

Suuzan「Let's try it」

At that point...

Suuzan「Eeerrr, pair [sic]」

Suuzan had invited Andie.

Andie「But, I'm not strong」
Suuzan「That's fine. I'm strong」
Andie「Ah, ha, ha, ha」
Andie「Are YOU OK?」
Suuzan「I'm OK」
Andie「Ah, ha, ha, ha」

Mie“I wanted to do that together. Since Suuzan chose Andie, I don't know what I should do anymore”

あいのり That evening, the group had decided to split and take a walk. So Suuzan said:

Suuzan「Well, shall we go?」

He had invited Andie again. Where upon...

Mie「I wanna go with you, too」
Suuzan「Shall we go?」

He took the two of them with him.

Andie「But, where to?」
Suuzan「Ah. Let's go eat」

Mie“I think Suuzan has feelings for Andie. Andie's presence・・・ I never thought it would come to this”

あいのり It was the third day after they had met Andie. That was the last night they would spend with her. The group had gone to a high place from which they could see the nice view.

Izumi「Wow. It's so beautiful, so beautiful」
Andie「It's pretty, you know」

And here too, Suuzan and Andie ended up together.

Andie「The gap between when you are excited and when you are calm is intense, and you're a creative person. It's like you're burning」
Suuzan「What do you mean by burning?」

Then, Andie said something that made him happy...

Andie「You have passion!」

From Suuzan's diary: “Andie is adorable!It's too bad today is the last day”

あいのり Close to the two of them was Mie.

Andie(Singing in Japanese) You look so lonely♪」
Suuzan「Swinging swing♪Who on earth made it swing so hard」
Suuzan「Ooh, you know it well, you're good」

Mie, who was minding them, was in another spot where Outlaw, the host-dentist was telling the story of his life.
Outlaw「I wanted to be strong. What I mean by I wanted to be strong is, I had a fixation on that, so I did some karate, too. Then, more and more, more and more I wanted money, so I sold adult videos. I made so much, so much, so much money, I was only in my teens and I was making a few million yen a month, and it was normal to me・・・」

Mie“I couldn't get into Outlaw's story, like, not at all. I was totally minding Suuzan's presence, all along”

Outlaw「Since I had money, well it's might sound vulgar, but I was selling adult toys, and...」
Mie「Would you mind if I left, now?」
Mie「I'm sorry」

Suuzan was spending Andie's last night with her. However, Mie got carried away by worries that Suuzan may remain in Hungary. Then...

Mie「Let me in」
Suuzan「What to do? Ah・・・」
Andie「You wanna switch places with me?」
Mie「If you don't mind」
Andie「Don't worry about it」

Finally, Mie found herself together with Suuzan.
MieSuuzan「Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha」
Mie「What is it?」
Suuzan「Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha」
Mie「Say something」
Suuzan「What?Yeah, ok. Eeerr, how are things lately?」
Mie「Ah, ha, ha, ha」
Mie「Wow!That's the Danube river, right?」
Suuzan「That's the Danube river」
Mie「It's so beautiful!Beautiful!Oooh!」

From Mie's diary “ Suuzan, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you'll drift away from me”

あいのり On the way back. they took Andie, who was leaving them on that day, to a nearby station.

TagamikunAndie, (you're getting off) here?」
Andie「That's right」
Andie「Yeah, here」
Izumi「Oh no!」


Andie「I had a great, he, he, he, great time with you guys」
Suuzan「See you again」
Andie「Bye-bye. Have fun on your trip」

あいのり Then, the Love Bus started moving again. Suuzan and Mie were next to each other.
Suuzan「I've got an eyelash in my eye」
Mie「An eyelash・・・ Is it bothering you?」
Suuzan「Ah, I'm ok, it went somewhere. I'll be fine」
Mie「I thought you were crying」
Suuzan「He, he, he」
Mie「Are you crying a bit?」
Suuzan「No, no」

For some three days, Suuzan's heart had been moved by Andie.

Even if they had traveled together across three countries, Mie had not been able to shrink the distance between them.

Mie couldn't bring herself to think of Suuzan's heart as being far away...



"Nice to meet you"

Will a battle between girls break out!?

Runaway Kabuchiko techniques !!

And to Alec, who fell in love with Izumi, the professional Mahjong player...

...a shocking incident would happen!

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