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あいのり Hungary, the world's number one hot spring heaven. On that day, the group had decided to explore the city of Budapest.

Izumi「Awesome, awesome」
Suuzan「Ooh, it's beautiful」
Mie「It's beautiful」
Georgie「This is Hungary's parliament」

The parliament, rising along the Danube river, was built about 100 years ago.
The building, which still retains artistic features from the days of the Empire, is dais to be the world's most beautiful parliament. At once, upon going inside...

Mie「Wow, awesome」
Mie「Wow, it's a castle」
Izumi「Waaa, awesome」
Izumi「I really wanna walk here dressed up and wearing full make-up, you know」

あいのり Among them...

IzumiTagamikun, let's go 」

The two new members had walked away by themselves.

Talking about Izumi, she was the 25 year old professional Mahjong player who had joined Ainori wearing a mini skirt.
As for Tagamikun, he was the 20 year old fresh boy who wanted to become an architect,
Listening to the two of them, who had a five year difference in age...

Izumi「I'm old, you know」
Tagamikun「Ha, ha, ha, ha, is that so?」
Izumi「Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Do I look much younger?」
Izumi「How old do I look?」
Tagamikun「About 23, 24」
Izumi「I'm happy, I'm happy. Say 23, say 23」
Tagamikun「23 it is, 23 it is」
Izumi「Ah, ha, ha, ha. Until now, how many girls have you gone steady with?」
Tagamikun「Me? One」
Tagamikun「Yeah, really」
Izumi「How come you never had (other) girlfriends?」
Tagamikun「I guess I was too busy with soccer during my high school days. I wasn't so popular either」(Note: Some Japanese high school students enrolled in sports club activities literally dedicate their lives to it!)
Izumi「Is that so?」

Actually, during his high school days Tagamikun was thinking about soccer only.
From that point of view, he was a late bloomer, romantically speaking.

Izumi「You're so serious」
Tagamikun「That's right」
Izumi「That's great, you know」
Tagamikun「Isn't it?」
Tagamikun「I'm not what I look like」
Tagamikun「What do you mean, yeah?」
Izumi「Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha」
Tagamikun「You just said yeah, right?」
Izumi「I did, I did」

あいのり That night, the one who had come to the staff's room was Izumi, the professional Mahjong player.

Izumi「Well, there's the fact that when I talked to him, I thought he really was a serious boy. Like, he's so cute. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, he is really cute, you know. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha」

Izumi, the 25 year old professional Mahjong player, had her heart set on the fresh boy, who was 5 years younger than her!

あいのり The next day, the Love Bus was driving around the suburbs of Budapest. Then...

Alec「Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh」
Tagamikun「It's a new member!」
Izumi「He's right!」

They had found a new female member!

Hisayon「Hi. My name is Hisayo Hasakawa , from Gunma Prefecture. Please call me Hisayon. In this country・・・ I mean on this trip, I absolutely wanna have a good romance and go home. Nice to meet you♪ I'm so happy!! It's the real thing, awesome」

Hisayon, 25, from Gunma Prefecture. She was a very excited 25 year old pastry chef.

Hisayon「Well, actually, I work as a pastry chef, and I make cakes, so today I brought some as a present. It's not much, but since I made it please have some」
Suuzan「Oh, it's so heavy」
Hisayon「That's because it's full of my love♥♥Ah, ha, ha, ha 」
「Let's eat」
Izumi「What's on it?This」
Hisayon「Bananas and walnuts」
「It's good!」
Hisayon「Really?I'm glad♪」

あいのり That night, a welcome party was thrown for Hisayon.

Hisayon「I'm opening it」
Hisayon「one, two, three」
Hisayon「Thank you♪」

The topic of conversation was the first impression they got from Hisayon.

Mie「I thought you looked like Tamao」(Note: Official site here)
Hisayon「People often tell me that」
Tagamikun「You look like her, like Tamao」
Mie「Tamao, Tamao」
Hisayon「You're wrong!You're wrong! Pun, pun」
Tagamikun「Do it one more time」
Hisayon「No, no, and no」
Suuzan「Do it two more times」
Hisayon「Why do you ask me that?Pun, pun」

Whereupon, Hisayon suddenly told Tagamikun:
HisayonTagamikun, your eyes are very sparky」
Tagamikun「My eyes?」
Hisayon「Yeah, I mean you're cute」
Tagamikun「Ha, ha, ha, ha」
Hisayon「You're cute, you're cute, you're really cute」
Tagamikun「Is that so?」
Izumi「Can I tell you frankly what my first impression was?」
Hisayon「Yeah, speak frankly」
Alec「Speak frankly」
Izumi「Ah, I thought, you have a few years under your belt for sure」
Hisayon「You got me, you got me, you're good」
Tagamikun「Me, I thought we were about the same」
Hisayon「Seriously?That's good, you know, you're a good boy」
Izumi「No, like, when you talked, I thought you were much younger, but when I took a look at you I thought you were about the same age as me. You know what I mean」
Hisayon「Yeah, but that makes me happy. That means I don't look my age」
Izumi「Ah really?」
Hisayon「Yeah, yeah」
Suuzan「Are you gonna start a fight here?」
Izumi「Huh?What kind of fight?」
Mie「A cat fight」
Izumi「Well, nothing has started yet, so」
Tagamikun「I mean, when you're back at the hotel」
Hisayon「Aah, I'm sure we can be friends」

Hisayon, 25 years old, and Izumi, 25 years old. Add both, and you get a 50 year old professional Mahjong player / pastry chef girl who was about to scatter sparks over a 20 year old fresh boy.

After a Tamao-looking Hisayon had joined the group, there were now seven of them.

Mie, who was on a straight line for Suuzan.

Alec, who was attracted to Izumi, the professional Mahjong player.

However, Izumi was aiming at Tagamikun, the fresh boy who was 5 years younger than her.

In addition, a new romance was about to start!

あいのり The next day, the group had decided to get some lunch. At which point ・・・

Tagamikun「It doesn't have the atmosphere of a McDonalds, like」
Izumi「Yeah, the ceiling is cute, you know, that」

Using a building left as it was when it was built in the 19th century, it is said to be the world's most beautiful McDonalds. The one ordering from the menu was Suuzan,the one in charge of finances. Talking about Suuzan, he was pretty poor at multiplication. The result:

Hisayon「Isn't the total a huge amount of money?」
Suuzan「Oops?We're in trouble」

Due to Suuzan's miscalculations, they'd got more drinks than there were people.

Tagamikun「We got eleven milkshakes」
Hisayon「They're all chocolate milkshakes, too」
Suuzan「I feel sick」
Tagamikun「I'm so full」


Suuzan「Actually, somehow the trip's finances are・・・ in the red」
Izumi「What?Is that so?」
Suuzan「In that case, we should cut down on how much we eat. Like, when we order soup, some bread comes with it, and it seems that bread is free. So we could sneak some out・・・. Actually, it's like this you know, hot springs are a big part (of the budget). But people from this country, people from this country go to such hot springs every day. They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do, you know. And since we are Japanese, it's something I think is important, you know」

あいのり So, the place they went to was, as expected, a hot spring.
The Lukács Thermal Bath is effective for sports disabilities like joint pain, and users whose goal is medical treatment are numerous.

Tagamikun「I don't know where to look」
Outlaw「I don't know where to look」
Tagamikun「My eyes are at a loss」

The new member, the Tamao-likepastry chef Hisayon, was seen for the first time in a bathing suit.
Wearing shower caps, they were off to the hot spring. At that point...

Hisayon「(The water) is really gushing. It's really gushing. Waaa, it feels good. Oops, ah, ha, ha, ha, it's really great」
Alec「Aaah, it's good, aaah, it's good」

あいのり The next day, the group, invited by Georgie the driver, had decided to play soccer against students from a local university.

Hisayon「Give it your best shot!」

Tagamikun, the fresh boy who was thinking about soccer only, was outsmarting the other team's defenders one by one, cleverly judging the ball. Where upon...

IzumiHisayon「Hang in there!」
Hisayon「That shot was sweet!」

Among them, Mie was rooting for...

MieSuuzan, score a goal」
Suuzan「Yeah, here I go!」
TagamikunSuuzan, shoot!」
Suuzan「Sorry. It's hard」
MieSuuzan, do it your way」

On the other hand...

MieOutlaw got tired?」
IzumiOutlaw, he's pretty exhausted」
Hisayon「That's because he's in his thirties」
Izumi「Right, right, when you're in your thirties it's impossible to run, you know」

With speed, Tagamikun was scoring a bunch of goals!

Hisayon「Hang in there!Hang in there!Go!」
IzumiHisayon「Do it!You did it!」

Thanks to Tagamikun's exploits, they achieved a superb victory.
Hisayon「You were so cool. Ah, ha, ah, ha, ha, ha, ha♪」

あいのり That night, the one who had come to the staff's room was...

Hisayon「he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he ,he」

It was the Tamao-looking Hisayon.

Hisayon「My radar went "beep"!, like totally. Like, my esteem for Tagamikun went up, suddenly. Ha, ha. I wanna take care of him, sort of. He's cute」

あいのり The next day, the Love Bus was moving away from Budapest. After a two hour drive, they arrived to was a vast and wide plain as far as they could see. At that point...


That man was the driver's friend, Gábor. In order to preserve Hungarian traditions more than a thousand years old, a family of six was living here like in the old days. Then...

Gábor「You're interested in Hungarian sumo, huh?」

Hungarian sumo is a traditional martial art in which the man who loses is decided when an elbow, a knee or his back touches the ground.

Tagamikun「Let's do it」
Suuzan「I'll do it!」

The first opponent was Outlaw, the host/dentist.
HisayonOutlaw, good luck !」
「Aaah, it looks like it hurts」

Next was Tagamikun, the fresh boy.

Then, Alec, the unadventurous one.

The boys had suffered an easy three loss streak.
The one remaining was Suuzan, the man who took second place in the Japanese national karate championship.
However, tired from the trip, Suuzan's condition on that day wasn't quite up to speed.

MieSuuzan, you can win, for sure!Suuzan, hang in there !Go!Go!Go!Do it!Do it!Do it!Do it!」
Hisayon「Good luck!」
MieSuuzan, do you best !」



Suuzan had won. However...

Suuzan「I feel sick. I feel like dying」

Where upon...

MieSuuzan, are you ok ?Is it so bad?You feel sick?」
Suuzan「Yeah, I feel sick. Huuu」
Mie「Are you ok?」
Suuzan「Thank you」

あいのり That night, the one who, unusually, had come to the staff's room was, Suuzan.

Suuzan「Now, after traveling together for three countries, thinking back, Mie is great. She's a girl you can rely on, really. Like, she's a warm-hearted person. Warm-hearted」

Suuzan's feelings had started to move, a little・・・

あいのり The group was experiencing Hungary's traditions in the middle of nature.

Izumi「Oooh, horses」

On that day, the group had decided to try horse riding. At that point...

「The droppings spread all over is dangerous, so before you get on the horses would you mind cleaning it up?」

That's right, sometimes when horses step and slip on half-dried droppings they can fall over, which is dangerous.


As such, before riding the horses they would pick up feces.

OutlawAlec is picking it up silently」
Hisayon「Aaah, awesome. He's discovered a new specialty」

In another spot , Izumi, the professional Mahjong player, and Tagamikun were piling up feces together.

Izumi「Ah, maybe this smells like feces」
Tagamikun「Why are you touching it?He, he, he, he」
Izumi「The fact that we're saying the word 「feces」, you now, it got fun. Like, feces, feeeeceeees」
Tagamikun「How about this one?」

Before they knew it, the distance between them was shrinking・・・

あいのり Then, the group, who had finished picking up the feces, was finally taking up the challenge of horse riding.
As Tagamikun was about to get on a horse, the two girls whose combined age totaled 50 got closer. Then, the one who beat the other to it was...

Hisayon「Me, I like the back one (Tagamikun) best」


Hisayon「Yeah, I thought the black on was nice」

The one who had been left behind was Izumi, the professional Mahjong player.

Izumi「Can I ride with you?」
Alec「All right」

Since there was no other way, she had gone to where Alec was.
However, in the unadventurous Italiano's mind...

AlecIzumi is inviting me, like I came to think that it was possible to conceive that maybe she's thinking about me a little”

Then, an incident would happen to the two of them!

Alec「Ooh, awesome, awesome」
Izumi「Aah, awesome, great, what a feeling」
Alec「It's really tall, what a great feeling」
Izumi「It's a great feeling. Ok・・・ that's enough now」
Alec「Oooh, d, d, d, d, d, don't run, don't run, don't run, don't run」
Izumi「Take it easy」
Alec「No, no, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, no, no, no. Crap!Crap!」

The two of them had fallen off the horse.

Alec「Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch・・・」

In addition, Alec was being licked by a dog.
Alec「Hey, hey, I'm being eaten」
Izumi「Haa, haa」
Izumi「Ouch, ouch, ouch・・・」
Alec「Are you ok?」
Izumi「My bottom rather hurts. Sorry, like, I got (your clothes) real soiled」
Alec「That's really nothing」

Alec“Usually if you'd fall like that... In my mind, a girl would normally cry, you know. But Izumi wasn't about to cry... Eerr, she had been wearing the clothes I lent her all along, and after she had fallen off the horse, she went, like, 「Sorry I got your clothes dirty」, you know. Isn't she a sweety? Yeah”

あいのり The next evening in the Love Bus, Izumi, the professional Mahjong player, was next to Outlaw.
Talking about Outlaw, he was the host/dentist who came from Kabuchiko, Shinjuku.
Then, Izumi approached him with a mature conversation.

Izumi「There's a lot of young men on Ainori, right? Until now, I've almost never gone out with young guys who weren't able to earn their own living. I don't wanna get involved with men in a superficial way. Here, you fall in love with someone, you kiss and you go home, right? Like・・・ like・・・ like, it's an adult topic, but surely there must be times when there are sexual incompatibilities, right? I've been thinking about that, too」
Outlaw「And also, if you fail romantically, it's like your just having casual sex」
Izumi「Aah, that's right, that's right. Yeah. When the sex is good, some people stay in a relationship even if they're incompatible in other areas」
Outlaw「Ain't that right?」

あいのり Then, upon coming back to the hotel...

Outlaw「I'm gonna fight. I'm gonna fight and get the first prize. Yeah, I'm going for it!Yeah!」

Outlaw had got excited by Izumi's adult conversation.

あいのり That night, the host/dentist would try to seduce Izumi with techniques learned in Kabuchiko.

Outlaw「Is there anyone you like, anyone on your mind (on Ainori)?」
Izumi「I'll leave that to your imagination」
Outlaw「Let's look at the view from here. Then let me surround you」
Izumi「Ha, ha, ha, ha」
Outlaw「You can't escape」
Izumi「You got me」

He was pressing himself against Izumi from behind.

Outlaw「You're warm, Izumi
Outlaw「Yeah. Too bad, there was so many things I wanted to talk to you about」
Izumi「You have a lot on your mind?」
Outlaw「A lot. But I thought it would be better not to talk about things like hot springs, you know」
Izumi「We can talk while walking」
Outlaw「Yeah. Why did you move away from me?」
Izumi「No, like, you took me by surprise. You suddenly came from behind」
Outlaw「We're a little close, aren't we?」
Izumi「Stop it, ha, ha」
Outlaw「AaaA, we're gonna have to go back, soon」
Izumi「Let's take a little walk, slowly」
Outlaw「No, 10 more seconds」
Izumi「You won't・・・」
Outlaw「Let me kiss you on the head, just a bit. (kissing sound)」
Izumi「Wai... You're too close」
Outlaw「That's ok!」
Izumi「It's not ok!」
Outlaw「It is!Because we have to go back in 30 seconds, you know」
Izumi「No, you just said in 10 seconds!」
Outlaw「Ok, why don't you count to 10?」
Outlaw「(Kissing sound)♥Now, let's go!」
Izumi「Stop it」
Outlaw「(Kissing sound)♥」



"♪I wanna become a cat♪ "

"We're like a couple"

A total of 50 year's powerful techniques !?

A total of 50 year's powerful techniques !?

What happened?

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