Ainori #297 / #298

Ainori is a popular reality show in Japan, aired on Fuji TV on Monday nights at 23:00.

In August 2005, I discovered that Ainori was not only popular in Japan, but also all over the world thanks to Bit Torrent technology. I decided to write a summary of each episode, and do a translation of the weekly photo captions from the official site. What do I get out of this? I get to improve my Japanese, I get more traffic to my blog, but above all, I get the satisfaction of knowing many non-Japanese speakers all over the world can appreciate a truly unique reality show. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to post any comments or questions you may have.

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Ainori #297 / #298


Greetings from Vietnam, all Ainori fans! Yep, yours truly had to download episode #297 just like everybody else not living in Japan, and rely on Ainori’s Official Homepage’s photo captions to write this summary (the two hour special would take me 12 hours to download in an internet cafe – Hey, hey, hey, don’t forget I’m on vacation!). Exciting week for Ainori fans, as we had two and a half hour of our favorite reality show. And no wonder the producers made it such a special treat, looking at the contents. Ok, here we go!



Ok, so Mie was talking to Umechan about Suuzan, quite indirectly, mind you. She was telling her that she thought Umechan knew she had a thing for Suuzan, and that she realized Umechan was starting to like him, too. She told her that her own feelings were important, but that if she had something to say to her, she should. Poor Umechan started crying, and even went as far as erasing the arrow pointing from her to Suuzan on her prediction chart. I don’t think Mie had any bad intentions or anything, but I think that conversation was uncalled for. Finally, Umechan was about to get her share of the spotlight, and now it seems she’ll keep quiet for another while…




Nooooooooooooooooo! The unthinkable has happened! Aya got a double “kokuhaku” (love declaration in Japanese) from both Hide and Arashi, and she picked that jerk Arashi! I’m not really happy with that result, but her reasons sounded well founded. Although she was grateful for Hide’s constant efforts to make her feel more self-confident, she rejected him because she felt that he was meddling too much into her own business. The bottom line she thought she would be too dependent, that she wouldn’t be able to spread her wings on her own if she had gone back to Japan with him. On the other hand, she really liked the way Arashi declared his feelings to her, looking at her right in the eyes and speaking frankly as he always did. She felt he was sometimes as clumsy as she was, and that they had potential to grow together if they went back to Japan as a couple.

Ah, well, that’s life… I’m really going to miss Hide. I think that if he had made his move earlier, maybe he would have stood a chance. One thing is for sure, with him, Arashi and Aya gone, the group’s dynamic will change completely. I can’t wait to see the new members!

Ainori 297 – Special treat for non-Japanese speakers

Ainori 298 Part 1 – Special treat for non-Japanese speakers

Ainori 298 Part 2 – Special treat for non-Japanese speakers

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10 Responses to “Ainori #297 / #298”

  1. Emily Says:

    Oh Nooooooo!!! I got so used to Hide in the show that it’ll be boring without him…even though that’s what I say for all the people and sure enough I got used to the new people. But I really like Hide, poor guy all that time on the show and all he gets is a free ride back to Japan alone.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Well, that was a shocker! At least, going into this week. But all throughout the episode, I got the feeling that it would not end happily for Hide. While I (like most people) was rooting for Hide to get the girl, I think I’ll be more sad just to see him go. I only started watching Ainori with the episode in which he turned down Takano and Omami, so I can hardly claim to know him as well as those who have watched the show for years, but it just doesn’t seem like things will be the same without him on the cast. But he strikes me as a remarkably mature and stoic individual, so I think he’ll do just fine back in Japan.

    It looks like a lot of turbulent stuff is happening next week. I look onward in trepidation… Don’t leave, Umechan!

  3. Helena Says:

    i don’t think arashi is a jerk at all. he’s just very introverted and insecure. but even if he’s weird, i think he’s a great person and that with him aya will be 100 times happier than with hide. because right from the start she got very close with arashi and with him she could be herself and talk about anything, while with hide she has always had the pression message that she has got to change, cause that’s what hide would always tell her. i think that’s tiresome for anyone and really difficult to end up liking someone who will always say that to you. while arashi is the opposite with her: he’s always very sweet and supports her wanting to change but will never tell her what to do or force her to make anything, he’ll just give her an advice. it was no surprise for me as i thought they would end up together and i’m very happy they did :D

  4. kinki Says:

    i liked the 2 hour special…couldnt help crying when Hide was rejected, and at th esame time, felt happy that aya at lasy was able to accept a new love..
    didnt expect that hide will go and declare his love to Aya after Arashi did..since hide at the beginning didnt want to put aya in the same situatuion as him when Omami and Takano confessed to him…but after he thought about it, he didnt want to run away like what happened between him and kayo.. :(
    im sure hide expected that Aya will accept Arashi thats why he wanted her to know that he loves her too before she go out with arashi. you know sylvain, now i think that maybe hide didnt really love aya..he’s a nice person who loves to take care of others, and maybe that this nature in him made him think that he loves aya since she’s the fragile type who needs help (from his point of view)…what do you think?
    but i wanna give a big applause hide. Hide, yoku ganbatta ne!!

  5. Los Angeles Fan Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    First of all, l thanks for all the work Sylvain. I enjoy the show very much but would be lost without your “special treats”.
    been watching this show for the past 6 months. it’s really a change of pace from the American reality shows. It’s refreshing to see a show that concentrates on love and relationships rather than sex and shock value.
    as for the 2 hours special on Hide, I think everyone could see the result coming a mile away. I agree with Helena that Arashi is not a jerk at all (My wife who watch the show with me was so angry with the rejection of Hide and says that Arashi is just an air-head and that probably 90 percent of the audience hate him.) Will I guess I am in the minority. I just thought he was really kind of sweet and honest in his feelings. He didn’t play games and finally expressed his true feelings beautifully. Im glad he overcame his big misunderstanding with Aya.
    I told my wife, 90% of the audience might hate Arashi, but is it Aya who has to live with him. And you can tell from the very start that she was really into him. In a long term relationship, you can’t force the kind of natural rapport that she has with Arashi. When she’s with Hide, it just seems so much work.
    As for Hide, he is really a intelligent and thoughtful guy. It is amazing to see how much he has matured over the time of his travel. I think he knows he made a mistake by not going with Kayo; and all of his subsequent rejections (both of the girls and of his own), goes back to Kayo. I think Aya was a classic re-bound relationship for him. He was despearate to prove that he can love someone. Aya was convienently there. He was reading a lot of things into his interaction with Aya that just wasn’t there and I think Aya, deep down, could sense that something was not right; that Hide was more interested in the idea of falling in love with Aya than truly loving Aya. Got to admire that women’s intuition :) . Well, happy hollidays everyone, see you guys in the new year.

  6. Marcelo Says:

    Heh, two times dismay… no kiddin’.
    Looking back, remembering how many people saw their feelings turned down, fine men and women, good looking, intelligent, well mannered, great comrades and so on, like Kouji, Omami and even good ol’ uketsukejou Takano… I just can’t believe that a good-for-nothing such as Arashi would be the one to end the so called “sad streak”!! “Chikushou”… that’s all I could think of when I saw that alien thing kissing Aya while Hide remained behind, looking at them while swallowing his pride. Life is unfair in ways you just can’t predict!!
    Now, to Helena and Los Angeles, granted, Aya and Arashi are percfect for each other, but only because they are both as clumsy, dimwitted and reserved as a piece of rock in the middle of a desert. In the end, even if Aya had accepted Hide and not Arashi, the relationship would have sunk for sure, for Aya’s too afraid to explore new worlds, new sensations, new places. “There was no need to”, according to her! She especifically said she didn’t want to change, remaining as dull and dumb as the oyster she is. Wanting more of the same, she chose Arashi, and maybe it was for the best.
    Howeveeeeer, that doesen’t mean Arashi’s not a jerk. He’s that and maybe even worse. Looks like a bug, reasons the way a thrid grader would, and most of the times behaves like someone who’s just come out of rehab. Why would a woman pick someone as bizarre as Edward Scissorhands(Then again, at least Edward Scissorhands was kind of cool)!? Aya gave us the answer: stability, safety… perhaps even fear, but we all have fears and doubts as human beigns, specially when it comes to romance. Who knows, that was probably the motive why Nacchi was into that thing as well, turning down an incredibly nice bachelor as Kouji. True, Arashi was the winner in the end… but that only means our world has turned so crazy and bizarre it might come to an end soon: “a fairy tale beyond even God’s comprehension”.
    As for Hide, heh, he’s most definitively “the end of an era”. Arashi may have got the girl… but, did you guys notice that almost no one really gave a damn about it? All that mattered was that Hide would appear no more in Ainori. He gave us all as part of the cast: love, courage, a bit of wisdom and, most certainly, humor. Arashi, on the other hand, only showed me how lucky I am to be me… for I’m not him. Hide said to Omami in her face he didn’t like her, yet he had to admit in front of Oose that he seriously though about returning to Japan with her, and I respect that, for it proves he didn’t mean to tell Omami back then he didn’t like her, searching only a way to put things to an end quickly. That beign said, I see Hide part without hard feelings towards him, whishing him the best, knwonging he’s destinied to achieve higher goals at the side of far more interesting women than someone who resembles, at most, as I said before, a piece of rock in the middle of the desert.
    Enjoy your vacation, Bouchard san, and have a safe trip back to Japan.

  7. A Rumble in Heaven Says:

    An New World, Only a Torrent Away

    “Paradigm is a word used by stupid people who want to sound smart” – Mohammad Benabderahim, paraphrasing a famous Simpsons quote. In all honesty, Momo is absolutely right. However, the shift in viewing patterns online and around the worl…

  8. Chipper Says:

    I think that Arashi and Aya make a better couple. Aya is boring, and Arashi isn’t all that exciting either. They’re perfect for each other.

    It is my dream for Hide to return to Japan and catch back up with Kayo. (Her shadow has hung over everything he’s done since she left anyway.)

  9. Alfee Says:


  10. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you