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Ainori is a popular reality show in Japan, aired on Fuji TV on Monday nights at 23:00.

In August 2005, I discovered that Ainori was not only popular in Japan, but also all over the world thanks to Bit Torrent technology. I decided to write a summary of each episode, and do a translation of the weekly photo captions from the official site. What do I get out of this? I get to improve my Japanese, I get more traffic to my blog, but above all, I get the satisfaction of knowing many non-Japanese speakers all over the world can appreciate a truly unique reality show. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to post any comments or questions you may have.

Ainori’s official homepage (Japanese only).

This month’s participants.

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Ainori #300





Well this week was quite unusual, since the vacant spot for a female participant was taken for only three days by a girl the group met in the kitchen of the dormitory they were staying at. Andie, a 23 year old English teacher, entered the kitchen while the group was making dinner, and asked if she could use one of the tables. Suuzan started speaking (some) English with her, and she unexpectedly replied in Japanese. He then proceeded with inviting her to join the group, which she did after the staff explained to her what Ainori was all about. Although she stayed only for three days, she spent most of that time with Suuzan, and as you can imagine, Mie got really nervous. So much so that she actually cut in “Takano style” a couple of times, because she was starting to worry Suuzan might stay in Hungary with Andie. Mie is definitly the jealous type, and I’m sure we’ll have more catfight if one of the other girls gets interested in Suuzan. Andie left after three days, as she intended to, to the great relieve of Mie and evident sadness on the part of Suuzan.

Outlaw As I expected (and probably everyone else), “Outlaw” is one obnoxious, pushy, self-assured sexual predator on the prowl. It started on the bus when he was trying to explain his materialistic take on life, and how he thought Ainori was phony. Needless to say, that didn’t go down well with the group. Then he tried to squeeze himself sitting with Mie in an alcove, and was talking about how much money he was already making in his teens, and how he intended to start a sex toy business. Mie was too distracted by the fact that Suuzan and Andie were by themselves, and excused herself pretty quickly, to the great dismay of “mister macho man”, obviously not used to rejection at all. Looking at next week’s trailer, it seems he’s going to try holding Izumi too close to him, which she obviously won’t like from the look on her face. I can’t stand him, but he’s fun to watch. Mark my words, Outlaw will be the guy we’ll love to hate!

Well, it seems next week a new girl will join them, and the group will finally be complete for a new chapter of Ainori, and apparently the start of more female rivalry. Can’t wait…

:-) Ainori 300 – Special treat for non-Japanese speakers :-)

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9 Responses to “Ainori #300”

  1. ubaldo Says:

    I don’t understand japanese, i’ll download ainori hoping to watch something of funny

  2. Megumi Says:

    this ep made me sad! Andie was a cute girl. I was surprised to hear that she can speak some Japanese. She’s the first person to make Suuzan happy. I’ve never seen Suuzan like that! He was really cute too. I was worried that he might leave with Andie, and I’m glad he didn’t. but it’s sad seeing Suuzan sad.

    next episode should be interesting. That new girl seems.. a bit weird and burikko. & I wonder what’s going to happen to Alekku!

    Sorry for the Ainori fangirl comment. :P

  3. Marcelo Says:

    Actually, I’ve seen Suusan taken by a woman’s charm in the past. Although the feeling was very brief, Suuzan really liked Nacchi. Why? Beats me, but it happened. Heh, poor Mie, no wonder why TK never had any chance. She’s really into Suuzan!
    Now, about Alec, I’m rooting for him, no doubt about it! In my opinion he and Izumi would make a great couple. Mentally speaking he seems a bit too young for her, but I believe she’s the kind of woman who could put up with that and more. Riichi!
    Outlaw… hmm, believe it or not I had to agree with him a bit when he started saying Ainori had a strong “yarase” image. It was incredibly stupid to say that while participating in Ainori, though. He’s self centered, yes, and difficult to stand as well… but at least I respect the fact that he’s authentic… a 100% authentic egotistic piece of walking-talking meat. That’s the ingredient the group requiered to be just… perfect! ^ ^
    Sore dewa, ja nee, bai bai!

  4. Josh Says:

    Yeah I think your right, Outlaw is going to be the one we love to hate. The spice he brings is going to be interesting to watch, but I wonder if he will ever find someone when he has such a strong attitude like that..
    Guess we will see! :-)

  5. happy puchi Says:

    Seeing Outlaw is like seeing those “scouts” you can see in big train stations in Tokyo-to, he’s fun to watch but if i had to live with him i’d end up fighting with him i think. your sentence “a guy we will love to hate” suits him pefectly and made me laugh when i read it. :B

  6. Alfee Says:


  7. Megumi Says:

    Marcelo, you’re right. Suuzan really did like Nacchi. I remember now!

    I don’t know why he liked Nacchi either.. they didn’t really talk, or at least on the show they didn’t.

  8. NewYorkJihen Says:

    I’m way behind in Ainori but catching up. I was shocked at the fake comment… because I always thought the show was kind of fake. Or maybe, the producers have a heavy influence, but obviously can’t decide who likes who. But they can set things up.

    When Ume-chan left, I thought her reason was entirely fake, and that she made it up to save face because no one liked her (I liked her!) But it was her fake reason, not the producers.

    But Andie appearing seems to me like a complete set up. She speaks Japanese? Of course she does. Suuzan liking her can’t be faked of course.

    And what about the coincidence of Alec playing Izumi before the show? Could the producers possibly have known? Maybe, if when Alec tried out for the show, he might have mentioned playing Mah Jong online. The producers could have found his game, even checked his online stats (and who he played) easily.

    Alec is a lot like me, a sucker for a pretty face. For previous poster Marcelo, I have to say Alec has no chance with Izumi. She’s on the show for Alec to fall in love with her, but there is no chance she’ll like him back. I know because I’m always in his position. I never see it when I have the crush, but when it happens to someone else it’s obvious.

    Merci Messeur Bouchard pour votre travaille ! J’etudie les Japonais, et vous aidez mois.

  9. Thinkaboutit Says:

    And we are asked to believe that men who could
    have two women (like that “Teppei” guy or whoever it was),
    wouldn’t have sexual relationships with BOTH? Instead,
    we are asked (or demanded) to believe that such a man
    would simply agonize about ‘hurting’ one of the women
    (although women can always get more men than they
    could chronologically have sex with), and make no
    moves towards either, and eventually just leave the
    whole thing, without getting -anything-, because of

    I mean, as indoctrinated work-slaves as the japanese
    are, that’s still quite a stretch!

    And the awkward ‘confession’ speeches and ‘responses’
    – they ALWAYS follow the same, robotic, exactly same
    formula! Are we asked to believe every individual they
    happened to choose for the show, speaks like Captain
    Kirk in a pondering mood? Pausing. After. Pretty much.
    Every. Word. And. Then. Making.




    Ridiculous! Why would they stand so far apart from
    each other, always? Like two random people
    would spontaniously DO that!

    When you start picking the show apart logically,
    knowing even the basics of human psychology,
    mating, behaviour and forming of sexual and
    intimate relationships, any logical invidivual
    must come to the same conclusion: the show
    is scripted to fit the ridiculous japanese
    “TV Relationship”-format, that never appears
    anywhere in real life, but what the TV people
    would want the audiences to believe.

    Women’s true sexual motivations and the
    sexual psychology is probably the biggest
    taboo in the world nowadays. You are not
    supposed to show the raw truth, that women
    are just female animals in their sexual behaviour,
    and go for the highest ’status’, EVERY TIME.

    According to the false, force-fed TV-dogma,
    we are all supposed to believe that men are
    naturally monogamous (they behave that way
    only because the circumstances force them to,
    just look at ANY man who has plenty of choice
    (i.e. the high ’status’ men) — they also USE that

    We are supposed to believe all men want only ONE
    woman, and that’s the “special” woman, and not
    just ANY pretty woman. So all women can dream
    of that high-’status’ man who thinks this way and
    chooses THEM!

    TV just feeds on women’s lust for romance and
    drama, and this show is no different. What men
    really want or would want to watch on TV, doesn’t
    seem to matter to anyone. Men’s sexuality is
    vilified and tamed, molded, manipulated and
    men are indoctrinated to accept this false dogma
    that fights against their most natural sexual

    And then men are vilified when they give in to
    these natural urges and ‘cheat’. First something
    was imposed upon them, and then they are demonized
    for freeing themselves from that prison, even for
    a moment’s breather.

    This show is well-made in many ways, but when you
    take everything I just wrote into account, you can
    easily recognize that this program is just another
    “romance-fantasy” for women, but because it shows
    a lot of different countries and pretty girls (in swimsuits, too),
    it also draws in men-audiences.

    This show also seems to be about ANIMAL CRUELTY
    and PROPAGANDA. There was this really awful
    piece of “The Government owns your kids, because
    you stupidly sign the ownership to it, and that’s
    a GREAT thing, yay!” (look for “Meet your Strawman”
    in google AND in youtube separately, to see why
    it’s NOT a very great thing), and how Denmark is
    the happiest place in the world because of this!

    It praised the “privileges” that have replaced your
    unalienable rights, and lured the viewer (along with
    the idiot commentators) to praise that system!

    Unbelievable.. Denmark government (like all
    governments, though) dupes the people into
    signing all kinds of applications, submissions
    and registrations (apply = to beg, submit = to
    give in to someone else’s will, regis = king),
    so that they no longer can use their
    UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, but in return, they
    get temporary “privileges” (the other word
    for this is “civil rights”), and everyone is supposed
    to cheer for this evil?

    You know, if someone gives you a privilege,
    that someone can TAKE IT BACK, too. But no one can
    give you a right, and no one can take a right away
    from you.

    And we are seriously supposed to cheer for these
    privileges? They even said it like “in your face”-style:
    “Your children do not belong to you”, but they then
    twisted the truth – instead of saying: “Because you
    stupid idiot signed the ‘person-creating child’s
    registration’ that effectively transfers the allodial
    title (ownership) of the child from you, parents, to
    the government – a fictional entity!”), they say

    “They belong to the future of Denmark” .. whatever
    that is supposed to mean. It’s like “your children
    are future corporate wage-slaves, be happy about it!”

    Anyways, this show is a horrible example of what
    kind of damage TV can do through brainwashing,
    indoctrinating and conditioning the audience while
    pretending to entertain them with a ‘harmless’,
    “romantic”, surprisingly “dramatic” supposed
    “reality-TV” show.

    They don’t even really show the japanese people
    interacting with the people of the other countries -
    that would be fun to see, like, how well they can
    speak english and understand each other