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Last week, the corporation I work for had their annual general party, and as usual, we had it in a big hotel downtown Sendai. What kind of food do they serve in classy hotels in Japan? Here is what we had, and needless to say, it was all excellent!

The menu

Sea urchin roe and wakame (probably) mixed with kelp gelatine

Pike eel soup, with peony, egg bonnets and ume

Raw tuna, boiled bream and raw shrimp

Butter roasted rock lobster with herb sauce

Thin and golden pieces of shark fin soup with a caramel-like color

Champagne granité (It’s like a crushed champagne popsicle)

Roasted filet of Japanese beef with madeira and sake sauce

Salad of seasonal veggies

Specially made assorted desserts


Not to mention the open bar, with a selection of beer, wine, Japanese sake, shouchuu, whiskey and soft drinks. Aaaah, life is good (^-^)

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2 Responses to “Classy Japanese Food”

  1. Greg Paciga Says:

    Oh man that stuff looks good. I started getting used to classy food like that since my Rotary Club had so many banquets while I was an exchange student in Nagasaki.

  2. Robert Witkowski Says:

    we would like to use your image of “Sea urchin roe and wakame (probably) mixed with kelp gelatine” and any other sea urchin dished you may have images of if possible.

    Also, if we are able to use it, can you tell us which restaurant or hotel you were at?

    Lastly, please let me know how you would care for photo credit to rread.