Keiko wants you!

If you’re a good-looking caucasian male under 35, that is. Ok, this is probably a joke, but I couldn’t resist posting it!


Edit: Well, well, it seems she’s not who she claims to be after all. The person who owns that domain is NOT Japanese. Anyone with minimal Japanese skills can see that her Japanese page obviously came out of an online translator. With the help of some of Japundit’s readers, I now know that the girl on the pictures is in fact a Chinese-American called Jenni Cheung. Now the question is: Is it Jenni impersonating a Japanese girl for fun, or is it someone using Jenni’s pictures without her knowing it? There’s only one way to find out, I’m sending her an email!

More Edit: She hasn’t replied yet, but she wrote on her blog that she was informed by someone else about that page. She claims “someone” is using her pictures, but she doesn’t seem too worked up about it. What’s bugging her is that they used her “old pictures”, eventhough she looks good now. Weird…

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10 Responses to “Keiko wants you!”

  1. Drew Says:

    I want Keiko too, so we’re even!

  2. Drew Says:

    Oh, now I actually read the site rather than just looking at the picture. She seems like way too much of a skank for me; I don’t want her anymore…

  3. New York Jihen Says:

    That’s just…
    So I guess honne and tatamae are dead?
    The emails she posted are pretty funny.

  4. jenni Says:

    thanx for ur email. i didn’t make that keiko page, but i did know about it since last friday. i’m not worked up about it because EVERYONE eventually realizes that its’ not me because someone always recognizes that is really me. and this isn’t the first time that someone uses my pics. i got more worked up after someone used my blog entries (the well structured ones) and called it her own.

    with my history, if i get too mad on my blog, people attack me more. i just would rather let things slide, esp something as bizarre as this, cuz they eventually realize that i’m the real me. so it’s ok.

  5. kusoyaro Says:

    noooooo!!!! now how can i explain to my dear friend PULZA that this is not truth. He is all packed up and ready to go… keiko broke his heart ^_ __^

  6. PULZA Says:’s not like that…
    he misunderstanded me, but …

  7. ElemenT Says:

    It’s pretty sad what people do to get some ….
    but still Keiko is very sexy ….

  8. Aion Says:

    People like to do such things for petty reasons like annoying someone else…you just shouldn’t let it touch you ^^

  9. carlon Says:

    its fake. and check the myspace music page. i think its some promo for that band that mis mentioned. blah blah blah mizer…

  10. carlon Says:

    and, by a little time on the myspace page, there seems the user seems to targeting gay men with comments on their pages. anyone have any theories on that?