Ainori News – Tachi & Junko

Tachi Junko

Apparently, Tachi and Junko have broken up for some reason (guess it can’t always end with a wedding and a baby). It seems Tachi has now moved permanently to his favorite area (no doubt where some of the best ski slopes in Japan are), and now works in a shop. According to some fans who talked to him, he is true to the image he projected on the show, i.e. a great, openhearted guy. He is currently single. I guess his participation on Ainori paid off a bit, as he even appeared in a pachinko TV commercial.

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6 Responses to “Ainori News – Tachi & Junko”

  1. blink Says:

    Well Junko doesn’t seem to be the type of girl who can be in a long term relationship with Tachi – an adventurer with an unstable lifestyle who does nothing but ski for a large part of the year…

  2. Irene Says:

    Sorry to hear that. I actually liked Tachi when he was still on the show. Yeah I guess blink was right, Tachi might have spent most of his free time skiing and just probably was neglecting Junko. To Tachi: You’ve got to get a move on or it will be too late to realize that you lost a big chance…BTW, I also checked blink’s blog and it was cool.

  3. Tamanegi Says:

    While I was happy for him that his kokuhaku succeeded, I had a bad feeling about this pair from the start… He is quite a likable guy, and Junko seemed to be the perfect match for him being all-outdoor too, but something just didn’t feel right to me. Perhaps they didn’t have enough time to get to know each other enough on the trip.

  4. Kokobean Says:

    I never liked Tachi at all, he’s so immature, I think he needs to grow up! >_

  5. Kokobean Says:

    I remember the incident when Hisayon asked all the members to remain seated after dinner to hear her say about Tagamikun’s *secret*, Tachi was the very first one to leave the table. He made it look like Hisayon was talking nasty things about Tagamikun. If he was mature enough, he would’ve listened to the very end to what Hisayon has to say – that way he would’v know why Hisayon reacted this way. With him taking the lead to leave the table and the others following him, it made Hisayon looked really bad.

    Then… at that time when Sanchan just joined the group, how Tachi and the other male participants picked on him, I was thinking… grrr… why can’t they just grow up! Seriously, If I’m trying to impress a girl, I would never do a thing like that infront of her. I don’t understand what Junko sees in Tachi.

    I don’t think Tachi loved Junko that much. If he loved her that much, he would’ve sacrificed his skiing time, and carried on the Ainori trip with Junko for another few countries for her to get to know him better. With him forcing Junko to make a rash decision like this, it’s not very fair on her as she’s only just joined the group and don’t know him well enough to decide.

    With them breaking up now, I kinda felt sorry for Junko. For a girl like her who loves to travel around the world, I’m sure if she didn’t choose Tachi, she would’ve had a great time with the other participants and may be find her true love.

  6. umi Says:

    I think the issue is that he is outdoorsy, not a traveler. He isn’t a free spirit, he just has a passion for something that is unconventional and hard to make a living with in Japan. Junko is the traveler. So, I don’t think it was a fair mix from the start.

    I think Junko couldn’t take the lifestyle of someone just having a part time non-serious job to support their hobby. In fact, with a lifestyle like that, Tachi wouldn’t be able to travel, because he would have to raise money to live on for a few months and dedicate the other few months to skiing.

    I disliked Tachi for the exact reason Kokobean stated, the Hisayon and Sanchan incident. I think Junko is too good for him.