Multiply visitors to your blog… and get bored and dizzy!

Ok, last night I came across this seemingly interesting “get-more-traffic-strategy” from the guys at Virtual Loop:


How to turn 60 visits an hour into 360 Instantly!

The Math: If you surf one exchange for one hour you earn 120 visits which equals 60 visitors to your blog. If you use a multi browser and surf multiple exchanges at the same time you can increase that 6X to 360 per hour. How? Read on.. (All links open in new window)

Step one: Download and Install Crazybrowser

Step Two: Join the following exchanges:

VirtualLoop Blog Exchange

Blog Explosion



Blog Clicker

Bloggers Swap

Step Three: Set-up the browser

Open the crazy browser and open each site’s surfbar separately (It is a multi browser so they will all open within the same window).

Once all six sites are open find the GROUPS tab on the toolbar.

Click it and select SAVE ALL TO GROUP from the menu.

Now each time you open the browser simply select the blog exchange group to start surfing.

Step Four: Copy and paste the following html as a blog post. Change out the URL’s with your referral URL’s so you will get free credits.


At first I thought: “Wow! More clicks! Let’s try this!”. But then I realized there were a few problems with this method. First of all, you will NOT get 360 clicks an hour. In all the blog exchange services I’ve tried, I think Blog Explosion is the one bringing more visitors to my blog. But one visitor a minute? I don’t think so. Looking at my stats, I get at most 20 visitors an hour from Blog Explosion, during peak hours. 20 x 6 is 120, assuming all the services will bring you an equal amount of visitors at a rate equal to peak hours, all day. Sure, if you surf for an hour you’ll get 60 credits, but it takes about 4 to 6 hours to use them up. The last service, Bloggers Swap, is not even about surfing other blogs. It’s a Java script rotating subscribers’ blogs randomly (you can see it near the bottom of my side bar), which means we’re down to five services. Have you also noticed I didn’t include the html they’re talking about in step four? I don’t know about other blogging softwares, but it doesn’t work with WordPress. I had to retype the whole thing manually, due to font incompatibility.

Then, the thing with Crazy Browser is that it allows you to surf blog exchange services without resizing the browser window in the upper left corner of the screen each time you click to go to the next blog. Those of you who have tried surfing with more than one of those services at a time will know what I mean. So you can basically align all your services in thin long windows, in which you see only which button or part of the picture to click to go to the next blog. Yes, it does work, but I got bored, not to mention dizzy after ten minutes of just clicking, without even seeing the blogs I was surfing! Sure, when you surf with one of those services, you don’t look at all the blogs, but if a blog looks interesting you’ll start reading it, and even bookmark it. But with this thing, it’s just clicking blindly, which kills the purpose of blog exchange services. If you need clicks so badly you can try it, but I don’t think it’s worth it…

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7 Responses to “Multiply visitors to your blog… and get bored and dizzy!”

  1. Dan Mossop Says:

    Yeah, I saw the crazy browser idea and pretty much came to the conclusion you did. I like reading the blogs – I wouldn’t want to be sitting for an hour (or whatever) just clicking links.

  2. Deb Says:

    I’m the same. I don’t see the point in not reading a blog.

    I only surf through Blog Advance now. They seem to care more about the blogger than all the other bells and whistles so this kind of program would be useless to me anyway.

    Seems kind of selfish to only be fleecing other blogger’s credits for your own gain. Every time you visit a blog, you are taking from the blog you’ve just visited, not the exchange programs.

  3. CaptainJeff Says:

    i like reading blogs… like the other person said… i like to be actually read… I came across you through BlogAdvance… i read just about every person in there, unless i read them through the forum already… i use some of those others, but not so much anymore… i dont think i actually get read with any except sometimes BlogExplosion… but mostly BA.

  4. CaptainJeff Says:

    never heard of the swap one… gonna go check it out…

  5. deadhippo Says:

    i dont get it
    whats the point?
    clicks doesnt mean readership

  6. Sylvain Says:


    You’re right about getting more clicks. It doesn’t mean readership. But more clicks means potential readership. I mean, how can you get readers if nobody knows about your blog? So during my first year or so I plan to use some of these services, and eventually when enough people know about my blog they’ll tell two friends, who’ll tell two friends, and so on. From there hopefully it’ll snowball on its own volition.


  7. Michael Paetzold aka The Old Bald Guy Says:

    Have to agree with those against using this type of thing. The object is to get people to READ your blog and interact not just to get it seen.

    Not sure what the point is in getting thousands of visitors if no one actually reads what you write.

    That is why we at Blogazoo use Gazoo’s to get people to read not just quickly view your blog. If you are a Blogazoo member click the Gazoo link and get bonus credits because you have actually read this blog not just viewed it quickly.