Un oeuf de Godzilla!?

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Des fois on en voit des choses étranges…

On vient juste d’aller magasiner, et on a vu ça:

Un oeuf de Godzilla!?

C’est un énorme melon d’eau.
Prix: 9 800 yen, i.e. environ $90 US. Non merci.

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4 Responses to “Un oeuf de Godzilla!?”

  1. Video Says:

    Now see, being an American Kaiju fan, I’d be apt to buy that. lol Even if it is just a $90 dollar Watermelon and I ain’t a fan of Watermelon. But then, I’m a Godzilla Fan….ok..so some might call me a fanatic…but I call it short of a Zealot cause, well, I ain’t a zealot of anything.

    Still, would love to see what other Godzilla fun things they have over there since we don’t get so much, mostly toys here, in America. =/

    Still waiting on the American release of the Final Godzilla movie dang it.

  2. Sylvain Says:


    I can’t remember seeing anything but toys, but I’ll keep my eyes open.



  3. sushi zume Says:

    hey they have the same thing at my local supermarket in okubo tokyo. i noticed it yesterday! going back today to take a photo and add it to the list of reasons why tokyo (and now obviously sendai) is the coolest place in the world to live – $90 watermelons in cages !!!
    COOL SITE! always wondered if there was an english translation of ai nori out there some where now that i have stumbled upon it – i am sure to be hooked!! thanks

  4. rs Says:

    have the japanese improved their “engrish” ?